It is not an uncommon thing in the rescue community for facilities to find themselves with an exorbitant amount of cats and kittens this time of year, but for Posey Humane Society in Mount Vernon, Indiana, the situation is dire.

The Shelter is Full

Posey Humane Society is so overrun with cats and kittens at the moment that they are at maximum capacity and cannot currently accept anymore. The urgency could be felt in their public plea to social media as they ask the community for help.

We have no room left for cats or kittens. Please help us help YOU keep them! We have the most amazing staff, but we are all drowning. Completely overwhelmed.


If you are able to make a donation to help with the care of these animals, Posey Humane Society would appreciate bags of Purina Dry Cat Food (in the blue bags) and clumping cat litter. You can also make monetary donations through the Posey Humane Society's website. That's also where you will find their wishlist for other items that they need like cleaning supplies, flea preventatives, toys, treats, and more.

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Posey Humane Society via Facebook


If you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, you are encouraged to volunteer at the rescue to help clean the cat kennels. Fair warning, this can be a bit of a stinky job but if you are up for the task, you can email Posey Humane Society at or call them at (812) 838-3211.

Don't expect the place to smell like roses...we have over 100 cats/kittens in our care right now (not including those out in foster homes).


If you have room in your home and your heart to become a foster, this is one of the best ways that you can help Posey Humane Society at this time. Until some of the 100+ cats and kittens in their care are adopted or moved into rescue homes, the shelter is too full to accept any more cats or kittens that may need their help. There is no cost to you to foster a cat or kitten. The rescue pays for everything your new foster will need. Register to become a foster on their website

Posey Humane Society via Facebook

Other Ways to Help

Perhaps one of the least glamorous, yet most important ways you can help is to spay or neuter your own pets. You can also trap and alter any feral neighborhood cats before releasing them back where you found them. This allows them to live out their lives without further contributing to the overpopulation in the shelters.


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