How To Help A Turtle Cross the Road
It seems like I stop daily to help a turtle cross the road. After doing some research, I realize where times I have been doing it right and there were times I have been doing it really wrong. I saw this on the Saving St. Louis Pets Facebook page posted by Tom Busch.
Picking the Best Bell Pepper Is All About Gender
I love the little vegetable stand, on HWY 231, in Masonville, KY. Just stopping by their to buy my fresh veggies, I have learned so much! If you have ever wondered which pepper you should pick, it depends on what you are doing with it and whether the pepper is male or female.
Being a Radio Personality - Evansville VS Los Angeles
My brother and I are both Radio Personalities. He has done a morning show in Milwaukee, Denver and LA. Radio cities for me include Princeton, IN, Jackson, TN and Evansville. We will often text and call each other to talk shop, complain or brag (compete).

Here is a comparison of our jobs! LOL

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