This just might be the best commercial for a mobile network with a singing cat that you'll ever see.

The "SingItKitty" commercial for the UK-based mobile networking company, Three, features a little girl and her kitty taking a nice bike ride through the neighborhood. It turns out that this little joyride is not without some jovial music, because both the girl and the kitty cat are singing along to Jefferson Starship's "We Built This City."

There is a little more than one minute of glorious footage of the duo righteously rocking out to the rock and roll classic. Everywhere they go, awesome things seem to happen in the sleepy little burg. It's as if the power of rock and roll could somehow affect the physical properties of objects around them or somehow warp the environment. Headlights start flashing, sprinklers start arcing jets of water and the wind seems to blow impressively through the girl and the cat's coifs.

At the end of the video, we're told that we can star in our own face-morphing music video, riding on our own bikes and also singing along to Jefferson Starship. Not only that, but we get our very own singing cat in a basket, so we can be just as awesome as the commercial. Unfortunately, the ability to star in a #SingItKitty music video is only for residents of the UK, but we can always dream.

Watch the commercial above and dream about being able to sing classic rock tunes with a cat.

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