Everyone has those bad habits that we wish we could break, but just don't have the motivation to....until now! Whether it be smoking, biting your nails, eating fast food too much, or overspending, there is now a device that aims to fix those problems.

It's called Pavlok and it's goal is simple: to break bad habits by deleting temptation. How might this device delete temptation? By giving you a mild electric shock as soon as you act upon that bad habit. This is supposed to train your brain to stop liking the habit.

It is essentially a wristband that you wear daily. Pavlok connects to your phone and GPS, so you can program it to shock you when you do something like go into a fast food place or you don't hit 10,000 steps a day. You can also shock YOURSELF if you do something like smoking that your phone can't track on its own, and the developers say it'll still work...and eventually that trains your brain to break the habit to avoid the shocks.

If you want one, they cost $199 and you can get it at Pavlok.com and Amazon. You can even check out testimonials from people who have used the product.







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