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To Make Love Last, You Must Follow the Rules
Almost nine years later after we said our vows, I am still confident that I married the RIGHT person. If you have been married before and married again, you know exactly what I mean. I want to make sure that we continue to be happy, feel valued and fulfilled.
Tyson Recalls Over 39,000 Pounds Of Chicken Patties
If your family is like mine, chicken patties are always in the freezer. They are so quick, easy and delicious, well, unless you bite into a pice of metal or other foreign object. That's what Tyson is afraid of so they are recalling over 39,000 pounds of their chicken patties.
In a World Obsessed With Watching, I Still Love To Read
Lately, in my quest to simplify and slow down my lifestyle, I have ventured back into my love of reading. Life got busy though, too busy. It had been years since I picked up an actual book. Soon after my mom passed away, while going through some of her things, I came across a couple of books about p…

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