Turn Your Child's Artwork Into Jewelry
Looking through tubs of my children's school papers and artwork, I thought of how wonderful it would be if some of the smaller pieces could be a necklace. My sister told me that some of her teacher friends have ordered things from a company that turns your favorite pieces of art into jewelry. …
Evansville Car Dealer Offering Unique Perk For Customers
Buying a car can be a long and tiring process. Even after you have chosen the vehicle of your choice, it take forever to get to drive it off the lot. You're hungry, tired and you ache all over by the time it all said and done. One Evansville car dealer wants to take care of you during this proc…
How To Pick The Best Watermelon
At the store, it seems like I never choose a good one. I'll get it home, cut into it, take a bite and it's not sweet. I've tried every thick too. Even the, sniffing the 'butt' (as my grandpa would say LOL) trick. Apparently, I just need to look for veins and field spots.

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