Kentucky's Purple Toad Winery Serving New Flavor
Purple Toad Winery is located in Paducah, KY. If they can turn someone like me into a wine drinker, they are doing something right. They have so many delicious flavors, are not the expensive, offer tastings and tours, and you can also by the wine in individual cans. Now, they have introduced their l…
This Picture Hanging Hack Will Blow Your Mind
During my life, I have moved a total of 15 times. I swear will never move again, but I probably will. If only I would have known about this hack and many more things you can do with a fork. Who knew a fork could be so useful in so many ways. (Other than eating my Fettuccine Alfredo. LOL)
Tools & Accessories for This Year's Vision Board
Vision Boards are a great artistic and encouraging way to get us to set some personal goals and then have them stare us down the rest of the year. So get out the sticky notes and markers, rile up your inspiration and start plotting your goals for 2020 with these great finds.

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