To be over 50 and unemployed in today's economy is extremely difficult, but a new survey says there is a light at the end of the tunnel for older workers. For several years now we have heard how hard it is for 50-plus aged workers to land a new job, especially at the level they were at when they lost their previous job. A new survey says that more and more employers are turning to older workers over recent college graduates when filling positions.

In fact, just last week, only 1-percent of hiring managers surveyed said it's easiest to place job hunters in their 50s as opposed to workers in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

According to a new survey done by Adecco, a Swiss based human resources consulting firm, older workers are three times more likely to get hired because they are more reliable and professional. Older workers are also better writers and communicators, better listeners, have a better work ethic and are better problem solvers.

The survey also said that older workers are much better at knowing how to dress for an interview and are far less likely to post inappropriate content on social media sites whereas, 70-percent of younger workers are guilty of this.

Younger workers do seem to have a leg up when it comes to creativity and networking, but usually fail to ask questions about a company or the position, which could be confused with a lack of interest in the job. Older workers tend to ask more of the right questions, but usually ask for a salary that is much higher than the company is looking to pay.

Younger workers also seem to have a better understanding of today's technology and most hiring managers say that older workers need to improve in this area, but overall, the older worker seems to be a better hire. I also believe that most hiring managers think older workers won't stay long enough to be eligible for a other words, older new hires won't cost as much long term, which is very attractive.