That is the question being asked in Michigan right now after a teacher's aide was suspended for refusing to let school administrators have access to her Facebook page. Kimberly Hester posted what she thought, was a funny picture depicting a co-worker's pants around her ankles with the caption "Thinking of you." A parent who was friends with Hester on Facebook alerted school officials to the picture, even though Hester was on her own time and not using a school computer. Cassopolis, Michigan School Superintendent Robert Colby asked Hester for access to her FB page, a pracitice referred to as 'shoulder surfing'.

Hester refused the request and received a letter from Colby basically saying that her refusal to provide access would require them to assume the worst and act accordingly.

The problem for Hester lies in the fact that there are no laws in Michigan that make the school's actions illegal, but hester is fighting back hard.

  In fact, Michigan State Representative Matt Lori has contacted Hester about using her story in House Bill 5523, which if passed, would make it illegal for employers to ask employees for their social media login information.

Hester is currently on unpaid leave while her case is pending.