Texting and driving is dangerous, on that we all agree. Recent statistics tell us that texting and driving is as dangerous as drunk driving yet, we still do it and in big numbers. Tripe A recently conducted a survey and found out that 95-percent of all drivers agree that texting and driving is dangerous, but 35-percent still do it. Of the people who admit to doing this, more than half of them do it while while stopped at a red light, 16-percent admit to reading messages on interstates or state highways in heavy traffic and 9-percent admit to actually writing messages in this situation. Why can't we stop doing this? As of right now, 34 states now have anti-texting laws, Indiana is one of the 34, 87-percent of drivers support those laws, but do not obey them.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Prsident and CEO Peter Kissinger says, "this research continues to illustrate a 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude that persists among drivers and perpetuates the threat of cell phone use while driving." Kissinger also says that drivers must be required to take responsibilty for their actions and change their driving behaviors.

You get arrested and go to jail for drunk driving and maybe that is what

it will take to get a handle on texting and driving. One thing is for sure, if your insurance company discovers your accident was caused by your texting, you will take a big time hit......in your wallet.