Our Company Christmas party is tonight, which is something I look forward to each year and early this morning I read a new survey that didn't really surprise me, but some of the numbers did. According to a new survey by Harris Interactive and the business site Glassdoor, employees would much rather have the cash or some kind of bonus instead of the Christmas...I mean Holiday party....you have to be politically correct. The survey asked 2,500 American adults to list their favorite holiday gifts from employers and 72-percent listed a cash bonus at the top. A salary raise was number 2 at 62-percent, followed by paid time off (32 percent) and grocery gift cards (23 Percent).

Holiday parties that included an open bar came in almost dead last on the list at 4-percent. Other more popular choices than the party included being able to work from home for a year, stock options, a health care subsidy and gym memberships.

Glassdoor's career and workplace expert Rusty Rueff said the desire for monetary rewards reflects the hard economic times faced by workers today. To be fair, employers are getting hit with additional expenses as well, especially with health benefit costs and some employers are no longer offering company paid insurance. If you have company paid healthcare, consider yourself lucky.