The old stereotype of a cheapskate or tightwad usually involves hiding money in a mattress, usually the one they sleep on. Believe it or not, more and more people are hiding money at home because of a growing distrust of banks and other financial institutions. I know an individual here in Evansville who hides money in his garden for crying out loud...the garden!! You might think, why not just get a safe, but safes are expensive and way too obvious, especially the ones in the wall behind the artwork. That's the first place thieves look.

According to a new survey, more and more people who hide money at home are doing so in their freezers and not their mattresses. The most recent Marist poll showed that 27-percent of people hide their assets in the freezer, as compared to 11-percent who hide assets in their mattress.

One in ten of us prefer the old cookie jar hiding spot while nine-percent hide their cash in some other household location. Nineteen-percent use a sock drawer while 17-percent said there is no good place in the home to hide their money.

The poll was conducted through a telephone survey of 1,080 adults across the country.