Magicians are a unique breed and they are very skilled at what they do. I don't believe in magic, but a good magician is a master at creating illusions that seem to defy logic and common sense. There is a 'trick' to any trick you see, but learning how to do it right is the real trick. When I was a kid, I was called up on stage by a magician who told me to hold this bird cage with a plastic bird in the cage in my hands, which I did. He said some words and told he was going to push my hands together and the cage would disappear. He hit my hands quickly, which caused me to jump about six feet in the air, but the cage vanished and to this day, I have no clue how it was done.

Card tricks are the most amazing and not only the most difficult to learn, but even harder to set up. A guy in Nashville ran up to me once and told to pick a card...any card. He wasn't holding any cards at all. I played along, picked a card and told him it was the seven of clubs. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a seven of clubs and said,"Well, isn't that a coincidence" and then he just walked away leaving me totally stunned.

The below card trick might be the most amazing card trick ever done by Dave Cremin. Local magician Don Baggett, who performs all over Evansville is great with a huge arsenal of amazing tricks, but I have never seen anything even close to this. See for yourself and prepare to be amazed.


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