Today is my first day back from a family vacation in St. Augustine, Florida. We spent a lot of time at the resort pool and during one frightening moment, my two-year-old nephew, Max, ran back into the pool after his water wings were removed, which caused three of us to jump up and run to the pool and grab him. Very scary, crisis averted. A lot of children will be in the pool over the 4th of July holiday. I come back and find this video of a 16-month-old swimming across a pool like a champ. Elizabeth shows some remarkable swimming skills, while her parents look on...her dad is taking the video.

While this video is very impressive, there has been a little backlash about allowing a child that young to swim in a pool by herself. Now keep in mind, dad is right there and is a registered nurse. Mom is also off camera and is a trained lifeguard and swim instructor, so she is not alone.I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. I think it's great this child can handle herself in the water.

After the incident with my nephew, I wondered them how young is too young to learn how to swim. There were a lot of other babies there that day as well and if all of them had these skills, which is obviously possible, it seems the chances of a tragic event might be lessened somewhat and how can that be a bad thing? Food for thought. Watch Elizabeth's amazing skills below.


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