Warmer weather is coming and with that, a reminder about how traumatic and deadly vehicular heatstroke can be. In other words, leaving your child in a hot car. I was reminded of this the other day day when I rolled up on a situation in a parking lot involving a parent who left a child in a car and the bystanders who were going toe to toe with that parent. In my generation, kids were left in the car all the time while mom and dad shopped. My mother always gave us the option and we almost always opted to stay in the car, but we had access to the windows and could put them down if necessary.

We realize now how foolish that was. It literally only takes a few minutes for a child to be facing serious harm and possibly death by being locked in a hot car, especially while strapped in a car seat. This should NEVER happen......EVER!

The below film was done last year and should be mandatory viewing for all. Believe it or not, this happens way more often than it ever should and is 100-percent preventable. The film is a dramatization and the child was not harmed in any way, but it will and should bring you to your knees.....it will make you cry and will be very difficult to watch.

If you ever see a child alone in a locked car, don't waste a single second and call 911 and if it looks bad, do what you have to do to get that child out immediately.

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