We all know that animals can do amazing things and I am not talking about circus animals or sea creatures at Sea World. There is however, an elephant camp in Thailand with a couple of very special elephants with a very special and unique artistic talent....they can paint. Boy, can they paint! This is truly art in it's purest form. I would also like to add that these elephants are very well taken care of and are kept out of harm's way, which is the purpose of this camp.

These elephants are trained to paint and can create some amazing work. You will notice a trainer that is always by the elephant's side who puts a new brush into the trunk of the elephant. The elephant however, makes the actual stroke. Some have speculated that the trainer will gently tug on the elephant's ear to show the direction of the stroke.

Whether that is true or not really doesn't matter....what does matter is the incredible art these elephants are creating, even if they don't necessarily know exactly what they are painting.Can you imagine how many would have flocked to the Mesker Park Zoo if Bunny the Elephant could have painted like this during her stay? Wow! See for yourself below, this is truly amazing regardless of how it is done.



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