There is nothing kids enjoy more than a trampoline in the backyard during the summer. Trampolines are so much fun and allow us to be pretty creative, within reason of course. Have you ever tried to see just how high you can get and have you ever jumped from a back flip right to a front flip?

Sometimes people use their trampolines in ways that are better left untouched. I know how tempting it is and how many possibilities exist when you have a trampoline and a pool in the backyard at the same time. Jumping off a rooftop onto a trampoline seems like a fun idea, but it it's not... in fact, jumping off any structure onto a trampoline is probably not a good idea.

Seniors and trampolines are not a good mix either, but can be hysterically funny. Below is a compilation video of some MAJOR trampoline fails. They are all funny, most of them also look incredibly painful, see for yourself and enjoy.


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