We've all been there, it's been a long day and you get a text or a call that you have to deal with, only to discover your phone battery is down to 5-percent and you know that it will die right in the middle of whatever it is you have to deal with. Does that stress you out? A new survey says that a low or dead cell battery is one of the most stressful parts of daily life for those surveyed. The survey results said 92% of those surveyed  get stressed out when their battery is low or dead......92%!!!!!! Whoa.

Stress is not the only only emotional response, 61% said they feel at least some kind of frustration and get this, 25% say they actually feel panicked.....yes, PANICKED because of a low battery. How much do we rely on these devices that a low battery causes panic? Remember, there was a time not long ago when we didn't have these devices and we survived just fine.

This also goes way beyond just an emotional response, more than 81% said that a dead battery has created some kind of negative experience in their life ranging from missing an important call to not being able to get a message to friends or family about a delay or something else that would make them angry.

Now, for the most mind-blowing part of this survey that says in a disaster of some kind, a cell only ranks second to water on the must have items in case of some natural disaster. Water was #1, which means FOOD ranked lower for necessity than a phone.....you read that correctly, the cell phone ranks ahead of FOOD! Yikes....sounds we have a big time dependence problem. I am writing this on my mobile device and I.....................sorry, I had to plug in my device...now, where was I?


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