Relationships are tough, especially when one ends. Whether it's a friendship or romantic relationship, breaking up is hard to do... wait, isn't that a song title from the 70's? Anyway, in today's Facebook world where we have hundreds of 'friends', what do you do when you get “unfriended”?

First of all, a good portion of your Facebook friends are distant and borderline meaningless. Even though some of those friends you hardly know, if at all, it still kind of stings to get that rejection. You immediately want to know why, and eventually, the hurt turns to anger just like it does in normal, functional relationships.

The reasons could be anything from you being the most annoying pest EVER on Facebook with your meaningless, ridiculous posts and stupid pictures, to something as simple as someone getting rid of the names they don't know on their friends list. It's still probably going to gnaw at you until you figure out why, even if you are not at all annoying on Facebook and only post occasionally with most of your posts being pretty interesting. You STILL got unfriended! Why, why, why? Oh the humanity!

Bottom line, there is really nothing to worry about, it happens all the time. It is physically impossible to have as many actual friends in real life as are on your friend list. Just because one of your fake friends broke up with you is no cause for alarm. It's probably just someone who was knocked back into reality and realized the absurdity of the whole Facebook friend thing.

You could have some fun and call them out for having the audacity to unfriend you. That could be fun, but could also paint a target on your back. Either way, it really is no big deal if it happens to you and if you take it personally, then you need something more than Facebook can provide… just a thought.