If you listen to Leslie and I regularly, you know that I might have a few issues....alright, a lot of issues. I have just added to new issues to my list that have nothing to do with bananas, pumpkin, bathrooms or the Kardashians. The first involves a new study that says your cell phone might be the first thing people notice about you. Really?? This is not good news. A new survey of more than 120,000 people in 15 countries has revealed that more than half of us think our cell phone is the first thing people notice about us and make a  judgement about you based on your phone. By the way, 61% of men say this, while only 38% women think this is true.

What ever happened to judging someone based on their character and how they present themselves as opposed to what kind of stupid phone they have? What this means guys....if you notice a woman checking you out at a bar or other public place and you whip out an old Motorola Razor phone, she will think you are a complete tool and will spread the word very quickly bout what a loser you are. One more reason for me to hate cell phones.

The second issue is a little more serious. What kind of person pranks a Girl Scout troop by ordering 6,000 boxes of cookies under a false name? That is exactly what happened over the weekend to a group of Girl Scouts in Oregon.

Apparently some scuzwacker e-mailed an order of 6,000 boxes of cookies, worth about $24,000 to a local troop. Turns out the e-mail was sent as a prank by the daughter of a prominent local business woman. The order could not be cancelled because the waves of boxes had already arrived. Seriously, what kind of world do we live in?

The troops in that area held an emergency cookie sale on Saturday after word of the prank spread and the girls were able to recover about $12,000. Another sale is planned for next weekend to make up the remaining $12,000. The community has really stepped up by buying as many boxes as they can. That just crosses a line and someone should be prosecuted for that one.

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