Last week my wife and I were sitting at Red Robin enjoying a nice dinner until the woman in the next booth began talking on her cell phone. It wasn't the fact she was on her phone that was irritating, it was how loud she was talking that was so irritating. I was trying to think of a way to shut her down without being rude, but I couldn't think of a diplomatic way to handle it. Then I came across the below video from comedian Greg Benson, who has become a YouTube sensation with his 'cell phone crashing' technique of getting next to someone having a conversation on their phone and responding to their end of the conversation. Not only is this hysterically funny, it is sheer genius.

In one conversation, a woman asks the person on the other end of her conversation what they want for dinner and Benson answers that he" could go for anything like maybe a burger" and the expression on the woman's face is priceless.

Some find it humorous, but most find it irritating. I'm sure it will make people stop and think twice  about how loud they are talking. Greg Benson is my new hero...see for yourself and tell me you wouldn't love to do something like this.


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