Things look like they are beginning to get back to normal, slowly but surely, with the CDC's latest mask announcement.

Earlier today, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that adults who are fully vaccinated can now participate in activities without wearing masks both indoors and outdoors, in large or small gatherings.

After over a year of having to make sure you wear your mask anytime you go anywhere, this news comes as a relief to many. Especially those who get out of their vehicle, walk all the way up to the door at the store, only to realize they forgot their mask and walking back to their car to put it on. I think we all have been there a few times.

That being said, there are some places where masks will still be required, even for fully vaccinated adults. You will still have to wear your masks in a healthcare setting, at a business that requires them, on airplanes, buses, trains, and other public transportation, according to the CDC.

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CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said on Thursday that people who are not vaccinated should continue to wear masks to avoid catching or spreading the disease.

While we're not completely out of the woods yet with COVID, this is a very hopeful sign that we will be getting back to normal sooner rather than later. Concerts and other events are beginning to pop up all over the country, folks are getting vaccinated, and COVID cases are decreasing. These are all things that we have been longing for for quite some time.

You can learn more about the announcement from the CDC regarding vaccinated adults not wearing masks by clicking on their release here.

(H/T- NPR)

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