Kroger has upped the shopping game in Owensboro. My girlfriend was telling me about how there is now a bar in the middle of Kroger on Frederica Street. That's right, you can drink while you shop at Kroger!

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

Stores around the country have been trying out these bars in stores for a while now, but Owensboro's store is one of the newest ones to get in on the action. Shopping can be stressful, especially after a hard days work. Why not treat yourself with a wine or beer while you shop? What a great concept!

Get we get some of the stores here in Indiana to open up a bar while we shop? I'm talking to you, Schnuck's, Walmart, IGA, Target, and Meijer. Can you imagine how many people would take advantage of indulging in an adult beverage while they shopped? I can see how there would be an increase in store sales from it. Who do we have to talk to in order for this to happen?!

Here's to hoping that grocery stores here in Southern Indiana jump on the drink while you shop bandwagon. Now, I must put a disclaimer in here. You're asked, of course, to drink responsibly. Most of these stores only allow two drinks per person. Which is smart. You don't want to shop under the influence and cause an accident in isle five.

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