You never know what might be lurking inside a barn. Workers in Iowa can vouge for that fact as they recently found a mammoth bat colony who had made their home behind the barn quilt.

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This happened in Cumming, Iowa. The video was captured by Howell's Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch. Here's what they said about this project on YouTube:

It was time to paint the barn. Farmer Fred needed to take down the barn quilt. We had no idea what laid behind the quilt.

The Batman would appreciate this.

The USGS shared a stimulating article about where bats live. Answer: wherever they want. But, you're more likely to find them hiding in dark places like caves and rock crevices. They do mention old buildings though and even under bridges.

Many people freak out when they see bats when the truth is very few are any kind of dangerous. Sure, a small percentage can have diseases although the USGS says that's less than 1% of the overall bat population. Moral of the story? Don't believe everything you see in movies. Not everything is Cujo or...Batman.

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