Guys, do you have a certain style that you are happy with and works for you....are you sure it works? on Yahoo recently found out what women really think of your fashion. You may be a baseball cap kind of guy and according to the survey, as long as it is worn in very casual settings, you are good to go, but if you wear one all the time or when out to dinner on a date in the evening, not so much. Older guys who wear ball caps often are perceived to be hiding something. What else, how about a bluetooth ear bud? Altough you may think you need it for work or just to look like you are a busy and in touch kind of guy; this generally sends a negative message. On one hand, you look like a busy, forward thinking kind of guy while at the same time, you are probably wearing puffy, pleated khakis and women don't necessarily find that too appealing. Earrings on a guy? Just be careful that your jewelry does not outshine her jewelry on a date. To find out more about earrings, socks with sandals, sports jerseys and ripped jeans, click here.