My wife and I have very different approaches to driving and she hates my driving for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. Lisa is absolutely convinced that if she pushes her foot down hard enough on the passenger floorboard, the car will in fact, come to a stop. Then there is the dreaded bracing for impact method of letting me know that I am surely going to crash into the driver next to or in front of me. My favorite when she is driving, is when she starts yelling that none of these "jackmos" will let her into the next lane, to which I like to point out that if she actually used her TURN INDICATOR, she might see a very different result.

Also, why do so many women drive leaning forward so their back is not actually touching the backrest...and how is it that women NEVER know how much gas they have? I mean, is the gas gauge completely invisible to a woman's eye?

Fact is, men and women drive very differently and the below video brilliantly showcases how glaring those differences really are. See if you are reminded of anyone you may know.


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