Families Sitting Together On An Airplane Just Got More Expensive
As if flying isn't difficult enough already, now if you want to sit with those in your party on a flight, you will have to pay more, if you can do it at all. Nowadays, we are paying for checked baggage, watching TV, snacks, boarding early and skipping security lines. Now you are paying for advanced seat assignments and the airlines say they have no choice.....I say that's bull!
Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age Nine
Does it drive you crazy that your kids never say thank you or please when in a restaurant? Do they interrupt you in the middle of a conversation with someone? Have they ever loudly asked why the person in line in front of them at Wal-Mart has a big butt?
Searching For Aliens – Too Expensive
Since 2007, astronomers at the SETI Institute in Northern California have been scanning the great beyond for signs of alien life. However, due to a decrease in the funding the institute receives from NASA and other government sources, the institute will have to shut down the powerful bank of 42 radio dishes that it uses to target unexplored planets.
Driving Myths That Cost You Money
It wasn't that long ago that we were not overly concerned about the price at the pump and our driving habits. Fuel prices are at an all time high and with the economy itself suffering, we are looking for any way we can to save money especially with our cars.
Don,t Buy These At CVS
When you go shopping, chances are you walk through the aisles of the entire store looking for what you need, want or just the best deals. When you go into a drugstore, more often than not you are going there to get a perscription or some type of over the counter medication, right? Then why is the pharmacy always in the back of the drugstore?

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