When you think of someone road raging behind the wheel, chances are you picture a guy, but a new study says that women are far more likely to curse in front of small children, flip you off and go out of turn at a four-way stop...who knew? While men are more likely to key someone's car, flash the brights at you and cut to the front when merging according to a new survey by Insurance.com. Just yesterday afternoon I noticed two drivers going at it verbally out by the Evansville Regional Airport and the one doing most of the talking was a woman who was beyond livid.I do find it interesting that when it comes to verbal road rage, women engage in this practice more than men.

We hear stories everyday about road rage incidents that get way out of control to the point someone gets hurt or killed and there is just no logical reason for it. Why do we get so worked up at other drivers that we feel the need to confront them? It's a horrible judgement call that could get you into a very bad situation that is 100% avoidable.

My late father was convinced that every bad driver in town knew when he was going out and made it their life's work to get in his way and make his life miserable. My dad never used his turn signal and just thought it should be obvious that he wanted to get over. I would laugh out loud at my dad behind the wheel, but he never engaged anyone.

People do stupid things behind the wheel and there is no way to escape it, nor can you control other drivers. We can however, control our own emotions and if we wind up in an altercation, it is because we choose to react and engage.

The one that really gets me is the one who is texting when stopped at a red light and does not notice the light is green. You give a tap on the horn and the person in front of you goes ballistic because you had the nerve to honk at them. Love that one...it's my favorite. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?

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