So...I found this and was a little disturbed by what I found out about the Tri-State...well mainly Indiana. recently found out what each state searched for on Google Shopping more than any other state over the past year. Looking at some of the results, it is somewhat disturbing!

As far as Illinois goes, their search history is pretty normal. The item they shopped for the most was an electric wine bottle opener. Nothing too out of the ordinary for them, but as we go through Kentucky and gets worse. Kentucky's most popular product that they searched for were syringes...syringes. I can only hope that these were intended to be used for medicinal purposes and not for putting things in your body that shouldn't be in there....

Speaking of putting things in bodies...let's talk about the real head scratcher here. That is the fact that Indiana is full of some sickos! Do you know what they were looking for? Blow up dolls. Really? Blow up dolls? Now, in their defense, it wasn't the only thing that they searched for. It may not be the most popular item, but it is the one that stands out the most.

Take a look at the items that were searched most by the Tri-State:



  • electric wine bottle opener
  • giant wine glass
  • gun silencer
  • patterned tights
  • Solo cups
  • floating beer pong table
  • Golden Girls mug


  • shark costume
  • Tiddy Bear
  • Eggstractor
  • blow-up doll
  • cloche hat


  • adult big wheel
  • Confederate flag shirt
  • syringes
  • air mattress
  • ferrets for sale
  • Starter jacket 90s
  • comics


If you were curious about the other 47 states, you can check out the map below, or visit the link here to get a detailed look.



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