I love everything about country life. There is just something about waking up every morning and having a cup of coffee while staring at an open field that makes my heart happy. Rural living offers many other pleasures, from more privacy to reduced noise. Plus, country life offers the ability to light massive bonfires in a space that won't burn down a next door apartment.

Country living provides many advantages, but like anything, there are some cons to keep in mind before planning a relocation. Thankfully, SmartMove has made a list of these items so that you can make an informed decision. Here are five things you should know before buying a house in a rural area:

1 - Keep Your Cabinets Full

SmartMove notes that if you live far enough from nearby towns or cities, then you're going to want to stock up on groceries to keep from making a long drive every time you run out of milk. When I lived in Kentucky, I lived very far out in the country, and it took me about 20 minutes just to go get gas. That's about 40 minutes of windshield time there and back. To keep from putting extra miles and wear on your vehicle, it's best to make one big grocery trip a week, or every two weeks if you can.

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2 - Be Ready for Emergencies

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Another important tip SmartMove offers is to be prepared for emergencies. This includes both weather-related and medical predicaments. No matter where you live, you should always have a plan for when severe weather strikes. If you're in the country, your likely much farther away from assistance than your city counterparts, so it's important to make sure you have a first aid kit, flashlights, and anything else you might need in such emergencies.

3 - Say Hello to Your Neighbors

Making friends with your neighbors can go a long way toward ensuring a great country living experience. Currently, I live in rural Gibson County, and I have some of the best neighbors around. They're always willing to lend a hand and have even mowed my yard on occasion when I was unable to find time to get my grass cut. Additionally, staying on your neighbor's good side is great in the summer because it gives you an opportunity to swap fresh garden vegetables.

4 - Conserve Resources

One of the most important things those moving to the country need to know is how waste disposal differs from that of the city. If you're far away enough from town, you probably don't have access to trash pickup or a sewer line. If you're on a septic system, you want to be careful about what items are put down the drain. In addition, you're going to need to know how to maintain the lines and tank. When it comes to trash, starting a compost pile is a great way to reduce weekly garbage disposal.

5 - Be Aware of Wildlife

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The final bit of advice SmartMove has for peaceful countryside living is being mindful of wildlife. Here in Indiana, the country is full of deer, foxes, rabbits, and several other little creatures you'll want to keep in mind when planting a garden or disposing of trash. Additionally, you'll want to be mindful of these animals on your morning and evening commute to avoid any damage to them or your car.

Rural life may be for me, but I can understand why some people may want to stay in the city. There is an appeal to having so many amenities just outside, like restaurants open later than 8 p.m., health clubs, shopping centers, and more. On the other hand, if you're tired of the city and want a change in scenery, a move to the country may just be for you.

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