This is a good reminder that you may be giving away way more information than you intend to when posting online.

Seemingly Harmless Posts

Many of us are active on social media and don't think twice about sharing a photo or video with our friends and family.  However, it's important to remember that sometimes there are more than just friends and family who may have access to your page. Also, by just making a post, you could be giving away more information than you realize.  One internet sleuth has made a hobby out of finding people online (in a totally non-creepy way).

Jose Monkey- Tik Tok Sleuth

On Tik Tok there is an account that my husband and I frequently watch called @The_JoseMonkey.  Jose Monkey is a man who will find people on the internet and talk through how he does it.  Now, I must preface this by saying it sounds creepy at first, but it's not.  Jose Monkey only finds people who want to be found.  People tag him in videos where they say "hey Jose Monkey, find me". and then they pan around, and from that little bit of information, he will pinpoint their location.  Every one of these videos amaze me, because they often only give out what seems to be harmless information, but Jose Monkey typically finds their location with relative ease.  One recent video from Jose Monkey hit very close to home.


Newburgh, Indiana Makes Jose Monkey's Map

Recently, Jose Monkey uploaded a video where he finds the location of a man in Newburgh, Indiana.  Now, it's important to note these locations are not home addresses, or work addresses.   This video just shows a man pan around, and you see a Subway, a detail shop, and (the giveaway) Fiesta Aculpulco. Watch the video below, it's pretty fascinating how he breaks it down.

@the_josemonkey Replying to @TAG_CouTo "and that's all you get" 😏 #geolocation #OSINT ♬ original sound - josemonkey


His videos are a good reminder that you may accidentally be putting out more information than you intend to on the internet, so be safe when posting.

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