When Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb kicked off Phase 3 of his Back on Track reopening plan last week, part of it meant that restaurants across the state could start the transition back to allowing customers in their dining rooms after being forced to close them down and focus solely on carryout orders to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. While they can't pack those dining rooms like they used to quite yet, and who knows when they will be able to again, they are able to run them at 50% capacity if they are able to follow state and CDC guidelines for social distancing and proper sanitizing practices. If so, the question then was, "will people be comfortable enough to come back?"

While we didn't ask that exact question on our Facebook page Friday morning, we did ask if you had been to a restaurant since they reopened, and what that experience was like in this weird (hopefully temporary) new world we live in. Some said they hadn't because they hadn't had a chance to yet, while others said they weren't ready to take the chance just yet. On the flip side, the general consensus from the those who had was positive.

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