Everyone loves a good comeback story, but this comeback may be the greatest comeback in comeback history! Every 90's kid was heartbroken when Toys R Us announced their bankruptcy and closed its doors for good in Evansville. However, it seems like Toys R Us has found its second wind!

According to a new report, instead of selling off its assets in a bankruptcy auction, the controlling lenders of Toys R Us have decided to revive the brand!

(Insert "YES!" chant here.)

So what exactly does this mean for Toys R Us? According to WTKR, Toys R Us will be re-branding their company to create a

new, operating Toys R Us and Babies R Us branding company that maintains existing global license agreements and can invest in and create new domestic, retail operating businesses under the Toys R Us and Babies R Us names.

Now, the future is still unclear as to what we can expect from Toys R Us, but one thing is for sure, the company will see new life and come back bigger and better! Here in Evansville, the former Toys R Us building is home to a seasonal Halloween/Christmas store. We wrote earlier that the building located next to Eastland Mall would be a great home for Trader Joe's.

If Toys R Us were to return to Evansville, I think it would be wise to move to a new location. Their goal is to re-brand the company, so why not start fresh with a new business model and a new location. Toys R Us could find a new home in the developing Promenade business complex on Evansville's East Side.

Until we know for sure what the future holds for Toys R Us, especially here in Evansville, we will have to keep our fingers crossed that future generations will have the opportunity to be called "Toys R Us Kids," just like we were!

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