As you surely know by now, Evansville's Toys R Us has closed and is now a seasonal Halloween/Christmas store, but could that change?

There's a report out of New York, saying Trader Joe's is interested in buying an old Toys R Us building.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This may just be wishful thinking here, but wouldn't the Toys R Us building here in Evansville be a great location for Trader Joe's? What if Trader Joe's is looking into multiple Toys R Us buildings in country and not just the one in New York? It would be a huge success here in Evansville! Even though Toys R Us has announced that they are making a comeback, I think that if they decide to return to Evansville, it will be in a new location to completely re-brand the company...leaving the former building open for a company like Trader Joe's to move in!

We have Trader Joe's locations in Nashville, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Those are the closest locations to Evansville...for now. It would certainly be nice to see the grocery store make it's way to Evansville one day. If you agree with me, there's something that you can do to possibly make that a reality.

You can actually request a Trader Joe's location on their website. Granted, requesting a location here in town doesn't mean that it will happen. Maybe if enough of us request a location in Evansville, they will make it happen. Either way, it's a step in the right direction. You can request a Trader Joe's location in Evanville by clicking on the link below:

....and Trader Joe's, if you're reading this, trust me when I say "If you build it, they will come."

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