Rubber Duckies may make bath time so much fun, but you should probably throw yours away.


According to research from the University of Illinois and the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, your child's Rubber Duckie is full of dangerous bacteria that can make them sick.

When the researchers cut open the Rubber Duckies, they found murky water filled with fungus and bacteria. This could lead to serious infections of the eye, ear, and intestines with children who especially like to squirt water in their face.

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Here's the thing, it's not the tap water that causes the insides of these toys to become contaminated. In fact, it's cause by the child and the toys themselves. According to Daily Mail:

Tap water doesn't usually foster the growth of bacteria, the scientists said, but low-quality polymers in the plastic materials give them the nutrients they need. Bodily fluids - like urine and sweat - as well as contaminants and even soap in bathwater add microbes and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus and create balmy brine for bacteria.


It is advised that you throw out these toys on a regular basis and swap them out with new ones. You could also purchase rubber ducks that are made from higher-quality polymers. Either way, if your child has a lot of rubber toys for bath time, you might want to toss those out!


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