Gardiner Sisters/YouTube
Gardiner Sisters/YouTube

Sometimes when I'm researching info for a blog, I find out things I don't expect. Things that touch my heart and inspire me. This is one of those things.

And, YouTube...

OMG! I'm crying. It's no surprise the toughing love story that inspired this amazing bike was even put to song. <3 Grab a tissue.

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago. I realize there will come a time when he can't get out on his own, walk, or ride a bike. I would love to have one that we could use to take him outside so he can live his need for speed, even if it's just a bike speed. It's still fresh air that he loves.

According to their FB page, sadly, for now, the Bike Chair is only available in Australia. The family of the man who invented the bike are trying to get it mass produced but it is taking a long time to go through all of the steps.

Here is a post from last year with an update on the inventor Bill, his wife, Glad, and the bike.

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