It's 2014 and time to make the usual commitment to looking better in the new year. I came across this video that at first glance, seemed like the dumbest video ever. Then, I watched the video and couldn't stop laughing until it dawned on me that some people, women especially would want to try it. What is It?...facial yoga of course...that's right, FACIAL YOGA! Yoga for the face are facial exercises to help keep your face looking younger by lifting your cheeks and re-sculpting your face. My wife is always talking about wanting a facelift, but facial yoga could actually be a viable alternative to surgery and the best's completely free of charge. Have you priced plastic surgery?

Annelise Hagen is an author who actually wrote a book called The Yoga Face and demonstrates the exercises in the below video. The exercises look completely ridiculous, but a lot of people take this very seriously and to be honest, I can see why,especially if it actually works.

The good news here is that guys can do this too without the worry of having to squeeze into a pair of yoga pants! See for yourself below and give it a try. Who knows, it might actually work because the way Hagen explains it...why wouldn't you at least try it?


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