Many people are still trying to come to grips with the death last week of Robin Williams, maybe the greatest comedian of them all.  But beyond that, we are learning much more about what kind of person Robin Williams was, which makes his death even more tragic, because he was a better person than he ever was a comedian. I wrote a blog last week responding to Shepard Smith of Fox News calling Williams a coward, because I could relate to Williams so well about his inner struggles like so many others can, unfortunately.

Last night, David Letterman paid tribute to Robin Williams in a way that no one else has to this point. Letterman knew Williams for more than 38 years and the pain of his suicide is written all over Letterman's face. This tribute was as real, emotional and beautiful as they get because this one did not come from a script...this came directly from Letterman's heart and is so worth the 10 minutes. Watch for yourself.


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