Michele Adams has been battling terminal cancer for quite some time now, but she got the surprise of a lifetime when her favorite actor sent her some words of encouragement.

Michele Adams
Michele Adams

Michele is from Robards, Kentucky, and she loves Marvel movies (who doesn't right?). She especially loves Thor and the actor that plays him, Chris Hemsworth. So, her youngest daughter made it her mission to cross off her mom's bucket list item of meeting Hemsworth.

Michele tells me that her daughter  "was tenacious in finding his contact information, eventually hooking up with his personal trainer, who told my story to Mr Hemsworth."

Her daughter's hard work paid off when Michele received this video:

How amazing is that?!

I asked her what her reaction was to seeing this video. Adams said "I had to have my daughter play it twice, as I thought it was a joke at first and kept waiting for the punchline."

Just from exchanging messages with Michele, I can tell that she has such a great outlook on life regardless of the battle she is currently facing. Not to mention an amazing family who would do anything to see Michele smile, like her daughter did. I asked Michele what this video meant to her, and her response truly touched me.

Things like this give a small reprieve from the fighting cancer. Sharing it with everyone not only brings smiles to the world, but shows others that there CAN be good things found, even in the midst of pretty sucky things. We are hoping that the shares continue, not only (and especially) to make others smile, share the hope and good in the world, but maybe...hoping...that Ellen DeGeneres picks up and shares this too. All my friends are sharing and tagging her in these posts hoping she sees it. MOSTLY I want this to be the news people see...not all the heavy political hate, but pure joy in spreading around a story of an actor who has a heart! Complete strangers hooking up to bring a smile to a woman going through an intense battle.

Michele, you are a beautiful soul, and this would could use a whole lot more of people like you with the outlook on life that you have. Thank you for sharing your story with me!

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