All this week, we're celebrating National Nurse's Week with Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union by honoring a different Tri-State area nurse who's been nominated for recognition by you.

Of course, like all medical personnel, nurses play an extremely important role in patient care whether it's a simple trip to the doctor's office for a check-up or something more serious that requires a stay at the hospital. When it comes to the latter, nurses are often the medical professionals that spend the most time with patients; delivering and making sure medications are being taken, checking vital signs, and doing what they can to make sure their patients are as comfortable as possible during their hospital stay.

The past year has no doubt been one of the most trying for medical professionals as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the nation, including here in the Tri-State. Despite the highly contagious nature of the virus, nurses continued to put on their scrubs and personal protective equipment to stand face-to-face against the virus, putting their own health at risk to provide care and comfort to those who were fighting for their lives.

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One of those nurses is Alisha Brantley. Alisha splits her time between Deaconess and Bend Gate Elementary, and according to her grandma, Terry Griffin, sacrificed precious time with her son to help those fighting the virus. Here's what Terry had to say in her nomination of her:

Alisha has given up so much family time over the last year to help with shortages in the hospitals and nursing homes, she even gave up time with her son so he would be safe, and only was able to see him through facetime. I am beyond proud of the young lady she is and her selfless acts prove that she will go above and beyond to help in any situation. Alisha is a single mom and wants to make sure that she is setting the absolute best example for her son by showing him that sometimes you have to think more about others than yourself. Her son is more than happy to tell anyone that his momma is his hero!

From all of us here, thank you Alisha for your dedication to your patients and their families!

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