Are you unsatisfied with your current pay? Maybe you are starting college and wondering which career route is best for you. According to, here is a list of The Best-Paying Jobs Of The Future:

10. Personal Financial Advisors--Median income: $64,750

9. Dental Hygienists--Median income: $68,250

8. Civil Engineers--Median income: $77,650

7. Market Research Analysts--Median income: $60,570

6. Computer Systems Analysts--Median income: $77,740

5. Physicians and Surgeons--Median income: $94,000-$153,000

4. Computer Applications Software Engineers--Median income: 94,180

3. Management Analysts--Median income: $78,160

2. Accountants and Auditors--Median income: $61,690

1. Registered Nurses--Median income: $64,690

If now is the time for change, here you go!!!! :-)

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