One thing that I don't like about texting or even email is my inability to detect the tone. I sometimes make the wrong assumption about someone’s intent. I usually go down the negative road and then wonder why they read my messages and think I’m mad. At work, I had to start putting a smiley face on my emails. I guess I type too harshly.

I've had issues in my marriage related to the tone of my verbal words. When I’m passionate about things, I tend to sound angry. I’m NOT, but my tone suggests I'm angry when my husband hears them come out of my mouth.

I’m also very sarcastic. Sometimes that's funny, sometimes it's not. And, sometimes I’m focused on something so much that I don’t react authentically. I sound like I don’t care about what you're saying, even though I DO care. See what I mean about tone? It’s very important.

When I heard the podcast Robinhood - Snacks Daily, talking about a new health and wellness gadget introduced by Amazon that helps you gage your tone, I felt compelled to investigate.

It’s a new health and wellness tracker called Halo Band. It’s got all the great wellness features of an Apple Watch or a Fit Bit, but one thing is very different.

New Halo Fitness Band, How It Works and How It’s Different


So cool, but the A.I. freaks me out a little. But, it’s here and in just about everything we use for technology. Watch the promo video for even more info on the fitness AND relationship helper, the Halo Band and App.


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