I was asked a couple of years ago to visit the Mesker Park Zoo to video tape a few segments for our website. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things! When they asked me to monkey around with the monkeys and play around with the goats, I was THRILLED! But when they told me I would be feeding and painting with a Rhino, I about fainted.

Her name is Mechi and she is magnificent. I truly felt as if I was standing next to one of God's most unique and wonderful creatures. They allowed me to feed her a vegetable medley by HAND!! And then, she painted my a picture. A picture that I will forever cherish.

Here is an example of her making a painting.....

While she painted it, I felt like crying. I was overwhelmed. As I rubbed her leathery, soft shoulder with my hand, I thought, 'I can die happy now.' I knew that I never would have had an experience like that if it wasn't for my job. I have been asked and allowed to do SO many really cool things as a radio personality, but THIS will always be my most memorable. Thank you, Mechi

Visit the Mesker Park Zoo TODAY!! And say 'HI' to Mechi for me! :-)