During the last six months, my family has been self-quarantined. We keep our contact with other people to a minimum, My son is immune compromised, so COVID-19 is very scary for us. We are doing everything we can to try and protect him from the virus until we can get vaccinated.

The first several months of our self imposed quarantine were, like for everybody, very weird. My son usually stays in his room anyway, but for us it was very different. We weren’t used to being together so much. I joke on my radio show about how much I love being around him all the time and how much he wishes that a vaccine would hurry up and get here so I would go back to working in Evansville rather than at home. I think he kinda liked working at home with no co-workers.

I also joke about how hard I am to live with, well its not really a joke. I tend to be very needy or smother the ones I love. I’m either dramatic or joking around ALL the time. I’m sure it’s exhausting for those around me. I would have a hard time loving with ME.

But, with all of the stress that the pandemic was, and still is, bringing into our lives, I thought I would have a little fun at my husband expense. So, while he was doing things around the house, during quarantine, I took some pics and videos. By the way, he didn’t know I was taking them. LOL I then turned them into an ongoing series on Facebook that I titled, Q In Quarantine. I figured if watching him everyday made me feel better, it might make you feel better too. Some friends swooned over the the series of episodes, others got a good chuckle out of them, but everyone enjoyed them. Well, except HIM.

Binge watch Season 1 of Q In Quarantine, and all its episodes, right here.

Wife Takes Everyday Pics of Husband In Quarantine and They're Hilarious AND Hot


Here are the videos for Season 1. You gotta see him in action!


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