On a stormy morning in 2012, I was face to face with a tornado that was headed North along the Ohio River. At the time I was driving through Henderson and headed toward the Twin Bridges. It was dark so the tornado had an enormous advantage on me. I called my radio partner, at the time, Jon Prell, and ask him what I should do. I was scared and had no idea what my next move was supposed to be. Jon told me to get off the bridge. NOW!! I panicked, started crying, and sped my way across the Northbound Twin Bridge. There was no way I could make it to your sage place at work in downtown Evansville, so I pulled into the Ellis Park parking lot hoping that someone would help me. Either that or I would have to find someplace, around the race track, to go to try and protect myself. The wind was blowing, it was raining hard and I couldn't see anything. My life was flashing before my eyes, I thought this could actually take my life. I was in survival mode.

When I saw this video from the Weather Channel on Twitter, it brought back so many memories of that day. The difference is, this video shows and tells you what you should do if you find yourself in a car during a tornado.

Melvin, you are an angel and my HERO!! Thank you.....

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