Memories of Christmas past swirl all around us this time of year. What was your favorite Christmas gifts? Dave and Leslie share their faves.

For Leslie, it's her mom's nativity scene, music boxes playing Christmas songs, Johnny Mathis, sledding, the star she always got to put at the top of the tree, three wheeling AND her record player.

Leslie - Each year, on Christmas Eve, we would alternate families (mom or dad's) to make it fair. I was blessed to have an enormous extended family that cooked GREAT and laughed A LOT!! And, I could ALWAYS count on a new baby doll. :-)Chritmas morning, however, was always reserved for me, my awesome baby brother, my parents and my beautiful little sister.

When I was 10 years old I recieved my favorite Christmas very own record player. I remember falling to my knees and thinking that I must have been a really GOOD girl. It was accompanied by a Captain and Tenille record album, a Silver's record album and a Holly Hobbie outfit to dance in!! I wish I could show you a picture but, it was before cameras were invented!! ;-)

Here is what my musical tastes were at 8.....OMG!! HAHAHAHA

Dave - The best Christmas ever for me was the morning I opened up my Sega Genesis! It was the hot toy of the year and my parents kept warning me that Santa might not make enough for every good boy and girl, but Santa came through! I remember playing Sonic the Hedge Hog for Hours! It was really a Great Christmas!
What was you favorite Christmas gift? Or memory?

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