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Leslie Shares Hilarious ‘Q in Quarantine’ Pics Of Husband
I figured if watching him everyday made me feel better, it might make you feel better too. Some friends swooned over the the series of episodes, others got a good chuckle out of them, but everyone enjoyed them. Well, except HIM. Now, you can binge watch the entire Season 1 of Q In Quarantine, right here.
Donut Challenge Goes Wrong!
During today's Coffee with a Cop, Dave thought it would be a good idea to change Chief of Police Billy Bolin to a Donut Bank Donut Ball eating contest! See if you can spot who cheats in the video!  
Show After Show Video
When you come on the Q Crew Radio Show with Dave and Leslie to promote your event, we put you to work! Big thanks to Kelly from Halloween on Franklin for playing along with Redneck Theater this morning!  Get all the Details HERE
Show After Show Video
Today the staff surprised Dave on National Bosses Day...Don't think they will be getting a raise!  

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