New Study Finds Humans Could Live to Be 500-Years-Old
With the help of modern medicine, the average human lifespan has increased exponentially over the past few centuries, but now a group of mad scientists predict that a recent breakthrough could hold the answer to keeping humans alive a lot longer – for 500 years.
New Study Says Women Make Better Business Leaders Than Men
I can just hear some of my male counterparts screaming as they read this, but there really is something to this. Women have not enjoyed equality in the workplace, especially in leadership positions for decades. A new study says that women are more effective workplace leaders than men and they back i…
Too Little Sleep Could lead To A Stroke Says New Study
We hear all the time about how obesity in this country is out of control and putting more and more people at greater risk for serious health problems. According to a new study, healthy, normal weight, middle aged people might be at much greater risk of stroke if they don't get enough sleep, whi…