The pandemic has revealed things about us, both good and bad. One of the bad is our need to hoard things just in case we might need them. Even if others may need those things too, we will still buy them and get every last one that we possible can and take it home to add to our already enormous stockpile.

Take toilet paper, for instance, we really showed our bad side there. Remember seeing grocery carts packed full and stacked high with toilet paper rolls. And, why? I’m still not sure. I get it that nobody wants to run out, but did anybody say we were going to run out? I don’t remember hearing that. Maybe it WAS a thing we needed to be worried about, but I was just reacting to what everybody else seemed to be worried about and made sure I had my rolls of TP. Not too much though, just enough.

Which brings me to my next point, a new study looked at the products imported by each state to see which products each state is buying in huge amounts. They are comparing it to the other things each state is buying. Let’s just say that Indiana is buying a lot of something that seems a little creepy, but could actually be a good idea.

Indiana is buying huge quantities of human blood. Which during a pandemic, is a really good idea. Heck, even in normal situations, in case of emergency or natural disaster, you want to make sure you don't have a blood shortage because you didn’t save for a rainy day.


That’s why the Red Cross is always hosting blood drives and calling you to donate. Finally, we may be preparing for the unexpected. Maybe, it's a lesson we learned during the pandemic. Huh?

Other states are just buying practical things too. LOL

  • Kentucky - rear view mirrors (you just never know when yours might call off)
  • Nebraska - bacon (you can never have too much and you never want to be without)
  • Idaho - wine (need I say more)
  • Kansas - engine parts (you never want your car to break done in KS)
  • New York - faux furs (winter IS coming)

Then, there are other states that may have lost their damn minds.

  • Tennessee - typewriters
  • Louisiana  - asbestos
  • Ohio - telescopic shaft umbrellas
  • Minnesota - live geese
  • Delaware - chloroform.
  • Georgia - swords

Are you asking yourself, why? Me too!

See what he other state are cray buying here.


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