100 chicken nuggets for only $10? Oh it's true, it's true! 

Burger King has announced that they are selling 10 crispy chicken nuggets for just $1. If my math serves me right, this means that you nug lovers out there can indulge yourself with 100 nuggets for $10! Just tell them that you want ten orders of the ten nuggets for $1, just be sure to say please and thank you!

I know what you're thinking right now. This is too good to be true? Not this time!

This world is crazy. There's too much hate going on. It's about time that we have something that brings us all together like this. We may not agree on politics and such, but I think we all can agree that the taste of those delicious nugs on your palate is nothing short of GLORIOUS. Not too mention the fact that they are only a dollar. Throw in some their amazing choices of dipping sauce and you have a meal fit for a king...or queen!

However, as the song goes, "Every rose has its thorn." This is only a limited time offer, so take advantage of this deal while you can.

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